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Silveroni, which has started its activities in 2017 in order to become the leading brand of silver in the world, currently operates in Netherlands. The company's initiatives to continue to grow throughout Europe and the United States until the rst quarter of 2020 are ongoing.

Silveroni works with leading silver manufacturing countries, mainly Thailand, Hongkong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It sells its products to the target market with minimum cost. In this vertical where the prot margin is high, it expands its brand network with e-commerce and franchise methods. You can turn your investments into an opportunity to add value with our growing brand. Our offer to you is below.



  • Over 25 Square Meters
  • Store Concept Design
  • Private Product Design
  • 24H – Support
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  • Up to 25 Square Meters
  • Kiosk Design
  • Private Prroduct Design
  • 24H – Support
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  • Country
  • E-Commerce Portal
  • XML & Api integration
  • 24H – Support
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Become a representative of a growing brand by combine your store with silveroni
consept which incorporates the products of the world’s best producers together with a vast collection of silveroni.
Take your place under the silveroni brand in this profitable sector with a unique and long-term business partnership.


The location selection is one of the most important criteria of a successful business in the silver industry. Choosing the right location significantly improves business revenues. Silveroni works diligently with the determination of new branch locations.


Continuous, intensive and high quality trainings commencing from the first day is being provided to all business managers and working teams by Silveroni in order to maintain high quality, service standards and customer satisfaction.


With its high quality and unique product range, silveroni exhibits the products of leading silver and gemstone producers from around the world in its store and website.


In national marketing; together with the franchisee advertising contribution share and Silveroni’s national marketing budget; TV, radio, television, billboard, newspaper, internet ads and social media campaigns are being realised.


Silveroni acts diligently regarding product quality issues and continues to grow without sacrificing customer satisfaction together with its high quality service. In order to maintain customer satisfaction and protect franchise investment, all stores are periodically inspected and improvement works are carried out.


Silveroni attach great importance to the development of the franchisor parallel to the development of the brand. It provides professional development of franchises with its business experience and content rich education

Silveroni Identy Guidelines

Silveroni franchisees provide all the support they need for carring out their business in a responsible and right manner.