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Silveroni is in Jewellery Fair in Hong Kong with Internationally Well-Known Jewellery Manufacturers


            When it comes to the jewellery design, Thailand jewellery designs are number one on earth with its distinctive characteristic and unique designs. Thailand, where the most special accessory designs are created in silver jewellery design, is the leading country with trendy silver jewellery options on earth. This international jewellery fair has hosted the leading jewellery manufacturers from all around the world once again.


Silveroni Made an Indelible Impression in Jewellery Fair in Hong Kong


             The leading jewellery manufacturers of this sector which participated in this fair in Hong Kong, exhibited their high-class and spectacular products. Silveroni, the representative of Turkey, exhibited its unique Thailand silver jewelleries and signed important agreements with many manufacturer firms which wish to sell their products on Silveroni. Having managed to catch the attention with its quality and competed with the best firms in jewellery design, Silveroni added new designs after a series of agreements with the best jewellery manufacturers from all around the world. The firms, which are ready to collaborate with Silveroni, will sell their products on now.


Silveroni Hosts the Best Manufacturers in Jewellery Design


            Silveroni, after adding the products of the best manufacturers in jewellery design to its best and high-class jewelleries in silver jewelleries – the favourite of women and men, has started exhibiting the unique products of the best firms to the customers in 2017 Hong Kong fair. Internationally known became famous with its products on Asian market and expanded the product list following a series of agreements with Asian firms. You will find the best and high-class silver jewellery models on now. 


Silver Jewellery Design Models


            Having made a huge difference in silver jewellery designs, Silveroni has a unique silver category ranging from earring, ring, necklace, bracelet and sets of jewellery for women to ring, necklace and bracelet for men. After it added the world’s products to its own products, it offers the most special accessories as silver jewellery to the customers. It gives a perfect advantage with earrings, necklaces, rings and set of jewellery with precious stones for women who give much importance to their appearance. Silver jewelleries are a must for both women and men.


            With the best designs added to this, each customer manages to find his/her favourite style with distinctive choices that represent his or her style. As for the earrings, we see silver earring models adorned with different coloured stones. Silver earrings that are shaking or not shaking, with holes or stones or without stones, make the women elegant in the special occasions. As for the necklace models that can be combined with sport, daily or evening dress, there are many models with beads, coloured stones and chain. Silveroni, the right address for silver jewellery for women and men, possesses many special jewellery designs for men as well.


            Masculine designs in men rings with the striking lines catch the all attention. Gentlemen will show off their style with men silver rings adorned with simple or colourful stones. For men who fancy necklace and bracelet, you can find favourite silver jewellery models that suit many dresses on


Silver Jewelleries Specially for Each Day on Silveroni


            Silveroni enchanting everybody with the latest trendy silver jewelleries, offers new accessories to you with the most economic prices and the best payment options. Silveroni, where you can find different silver jewellery models of the best jewellery manufacturers from 7 countries, brings the most special and unique designs exclusively to you.