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Welcome to Silveroni! was launched in 2017 with the aim of becoming the name of silver in the world. Europe, after Russia and the US now in Turkey as of 2019.

Silveroni, with its beautiful and various silver jewelery, mainly in Thailand, Hongkong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, brings silver jewelry products together with its customers.

Become a representative of a growing brand by combine your store with silveroni consept which incorporates the products of the world’s best producers together with a vast collection of silveroni.

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Why chose us?

Creative Design

Silveroni design team carries all the fashion trends in the world at the same time and makes a difference with their creative collections.

50000 model
50.000 Models

Silveroni, which targets modern, contemporary, female and male consumers, meets its customers in more and more stores with more than 50.000 models.


We are aware that jewelery production is an environmental oriented concept. We work hard to minimize this footprint by reducing our water and energy consumption.

What Our CEO Say ?